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PAG - the cultural and administrative centre of the island, lies in a pictoresque bay with 20 kilometres of sandy beaches. The rarely well-preserved medieval town dates from the 15th century and was planned by the famous architect and sculptor Juraj Dalmatinac. The town is proud of its rich cultural heritage and guards its centuries old traditions and customs jealoulsly. An airy rose window carved in stone and Pag lace are the emblems of this town. The carnival is an unforgettable experience: its display of beautiful folk costumes decorated with Pag lace and rich jewelry, the 'tanac' and 'kolo' folk dances.

Outstanding among the many cultural and historical buildings are the Cathedral and the Church of St. Margaret, which belongs to the Benedictine Convent. These two chures are treasuries of great wealth and impressive beauty. There are also the old tower, town walls, Rector's Palace and so on.. Not far from Pag are the remains of the Old Town (Stari grad) and a 12th century church that stand as mute wittnesses of an ancient way of life which disappeared in the mist of ages that have passed.

Strong and harsh mountain winds (the bora) from Velebit and arid and hot summers are the main characteristics of the island's climate, and one of the main reasons why this is an island of salt production. Pag saltworks are as old as the town itself, and have for centuries employed most of the population.

Today this island of 284,60 square kilometres has about 7500 inhabitants, and besides salt production their main occupations are sheep raising (the widely-known Pag cheese and lamb meat), vine growing (paska zutica wine), farming, and fishing.


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